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Rachel-Anna Gilmer is a multi-faceted vessel of grace, who has been empowered and indwelt by God to bring excellence and change in both the church and marketplace arenas.


Out of all of Rachel-Anna’s aspirations and goals as an author, minister, and entrepreneur, her greatest joy is being the wife to her amazing husband, Pastor Kymani T. Gilmer. Alongside him, she serves as the Co-Pastor of The River Church, in Waldorf, MD. 

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The grace upon her life has carried her beyond the borders of the local church. Rachel-Anna is also a respected entrepreneur, blazing a trail for women and Christians in the business sector. As the CEO of The R.A.G. Admin Agency (previously Excellence Defined), Rachel-Anna leads a company committed to presenting outstanding and integral administrative services to both accommodate and enhance the quality, presentation, and effectiveness of each administrative goal for various businesses and organizations. The R.A.G. Admin Agency has quietly been the backbone of many recognizable brands and businesses for several years. 


In the years to come, The R.A.G. Admin Agency is set to become one of the first virtual administrative agencies of its kind to provide administration globally while providing new and innovative job opportunities for other up and coming administrative professionals. Additionally, as a licensed real estate agent, she is able to provide additional support to those who she serves.


Rachel-Anna Gilmer founded Women of the Travail Movement, a prophetic ministry established on the foundation of the Spirit of the Lord’s divine Will concerning the position of the woman. We have been charged with the assignment to ensure that the spiritual and practical position of the woman in the church, family and marketplace is divinely, purposefully and prophetically accurate. While the purpose, power and provision of the woman are some of the fundamental priorities of this ministry, the main goal is to reposition the woman to the perfect will of God. When aligned, we have the faith to believe that that accurate position and posture will unlock true deliverance, salvation, manifestation, grace and prophetic strategy in the earth.


In all these things, Rachel-Anna’s calling in life and ministry is to be found in the sacrifice mentioned in Galatians 4:19 (NLT) which says, “Oh, my dear children! I feel as if I'm going through labor pains for you again, and they will continue until Christ is fully developed in your lives.”



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